‘LinkedIn Sizzle Reel CV’ and other joys

Blog has been utterly neglected BUT only because I’ve been busy doing *stuff*:

Poetry stuff includes having one of my recent found and now favourite performance poems published by Ink, Sweat and Tears. (Search ‘Myfanwy Fox’ on the site and you’ll find it.) While you’re there, please have a look at the Ludlow Fringe Festival poetry competition-winning entry by Lesley Ingram: it’s superb.

Also in poetry stuff Ledbury Festival is fast approaching – I shall be event managing, stewarding, accommodating poets in the Fox Towers penthouse suite (don’t tell them but it’s just an attic with a shower-room attached – and how many stairs up from where they will have to park the car?) and we also have our own Malvern Writers’ Circle event (it’s a freebie! – do drop by if you can) on the evening of Friday 12 July at the warmly welcoming Seven Stars pub. I shall be extremely professional with everything I do for the festival; off duty I shall be a nervous wreck, not helped by an inevitable (any time I plan something literary) dose of overtime at the day job.

In other writing stuff, novel draft is done but still being dusted; ending isn’t quite right yet. Several passes editing main MS so far. Not too many over-used phrases (I am surprised to report) and not too may it’s/its and so on, so obviously my autopilot (franticly typing for action; mind definitely in another universe) has hugely improved with loadsa practice.

In non-lit stuff, the day job still brings endless entertainment (er?) and high blood pressure, while our hillside garden is still quite impossible, though for a couple of weeks the back path was fairy-tale-close-to-perfect with clouds of granny’s bonnets, alliums and so on. At least the veg patch is almost up to scratch at long last, though shifting a couple of tons (no, not exaggerating (much)) of rubble dug from it was almost too much even for my blithe lunacy and my back – the mound of rubble took several weeks to remove, even though any whole breeze blocks were recycled for step-building up the “orchard”.

Meanwhile, if you are planning a walk on the Hills in the next few days, take the path around North Hill from Happy Valley to see a marvellously dense display of fox gloves on hillside cleared of invading sycamores last year.


IMG_4522a_resize IMG_4524a_resize IMG_4517a_resize

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2 Responses to ‘LinkedIn Sizzle Reel CV’ and other joys

  1. Well done for IS&T – good to see “Sizzle Reel” finding a home there.

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