ConFab Cabaret III

Confab Cabaret III (“The fluffy one”) fell last week JUST after Ledbury, the day after our Ledbury poet guests departed and the decorators arrived AND when I was covering for others’ hols in the day job. So no fulsome review this time – sorry but simply no time/energy. Will have to suffice to say that Kate Walton, Catherine Crosswell, Will Coleman, Steve Kaos and Jonny Fluffypunk were all FAB.

One or two people took Fox Pops far too seriously with my question: “If you could have your OWN niche festival – just for you or for the universe – what would it be, and why or how?” (But most participants realised the aim was daftness.)

As usual far too many ideas to read all but here are a selection:

“Dog-soaking festival: immerse your dog in a hills spring of your choice. Wettest dog wins. Second prize for the quickest-drying dog.”

“A Jack Russell festival – small, wiry and bad tempered. Likely to bite your leg. I would take my wife.”
* Thank you to my lovely husband for that gem. (Grrrr.)

“Festphobe fest for all those who want to watch their favourite bands without a lot of irritating other people (and have a pee in peace).”

* My runner-up for the night:
“Festival of phantom funicular railways – walk up the hills – pretend to buy a coffee in the ghost café.”

“Miserable gits festival …. misery, misery…”

“Hug the trees festival”

“Alice in Wonderland festival – tea party – magical stuff – weird and wonderful performances! – everything slightly bizarre.”
* Just like Confab, really.

“Roaring twenties.”
* But too many residents were around at the time.

“A blue-rinse festival as it would be a sell out and I would make loadsa dosh.”
* Exactly.

“A glamourous lady and posh man festival: posh frocks, great hats and men in suits. Cocktails, garden games, posh transport; a very classy do.”
But that is Malvern anyway innit.

“Festival where everyone has to speak in rhyming slang.”
* Is Worcestershire rhyming slang different from Cockney rhyming slang? I can feel another Fox Pops question gestating.

“Dr Seuss fest.”

“Screaming festival.”

* And winner of a little Foxy notebook on the night:
“I would like to pioneer the first ever Malvern uphill skiing festival.”



Pyramid orchids

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