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Review: Assembly Lines by Jane Commane

  Ledbury Poetry Festival is huge. I managed to get to a small fraction of events but, of those I went to, my stand-out single poem of the festival this year was Jane Commane’s UnWeather from her collection Assembly Lines … Continue reading

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Summer scenes

Words on Water with Worcester Lit Fest: a beautiful evening for a gentle walk along the Severn with poetry interludes.   Ledbury Festival: glorious as always and so much happening I didn’t manage to even take many photos. On the … Continue reading

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Poetry on request

A couple of weeks’ ago I was invited to do some poetry for the audience of a showing of Paterson at Hereford Courtyard. Ledbury Poetry Festival brought three of us to chat to film-goers and create on-the-spot poems on whatever … Continue reading

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Move along

It’s been a strange six months since I last blogged. Apologies if you’ve missed my ramblings here. (Alternatively, apologies if you were delighted by my absence, bad luck: I’m back.) In brief: Ledbury Poetry Festival was, as always, wonderful. Look … Continue reading

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Swindon Drag Kings, Cwmmy Crab and more

Dusty in here, isn’t it? Tch. Blog neglect due to a mixture of far more exciting things happening or laziness when things are not happening (and a fair bit of day job intervening, too). I really should plug things before … Continue reading

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A stitchwort shift, a bluebell shawl

Been far too long since I blogged: life’s been busy and I’ve been concentrating on fitting in poetry writing when I can – mostly inspired by Jo Bell’s ongoing 52 project. 52 has kicked my poetry up a gear (well, … Continue reading

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MWC at Ledbury and Malvern Civic Week

Asked to compère the MWC event for Ledbury Poetry Festival for a second year; a great honour to be introducing a selection of our talented members and friends at the lovely Seven Stars pub. This year it was a much … Continue reading

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John Xzavian’s Organ

Finished Ledbury Festival a couple of weeks ago; now also finished overtime plus overtime stint and, subsequently, novel draft. Polishing up a synopsis and all the sundry nerve-wracking bits as I contemplate subbing it. So at last I now have … Continue reading

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‘LinkedIn Sizzle Reel CV’ and other joys

Blog has been utterly neglected BUT only because I’ve been busy doing *stuff*: Poetry stuff includes having one of my recent found and now favourite performance poems published by Ink, Sweat and Tears. (Search ‘Myfanwy Fox’ on the site and … Continue reading

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Displacement Activity

I was exhausted after two consecutive nights poet-ing and a day out on Friday itself; so my last post was brief and, perhaps (“perhaps” again?!) misleading; so today, instead of proper work, here’s an update (displacement activity): I first read … Continue reading

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