Landscapes of the Imagination exhibition

I’ve not been blogging but I have been busy completing a novel set in Malvern, writing some poems (not as many as I should) and, for fun (eh?), becoming involved in a series of classes at Ledbury’s gorgeous library (The Master’s House) “Landscapes of the Imagination” run by artist Andrea McLean and poetry expert Anna Stenning. It’s been a fascinating look at how we experience and interpret landscape – external, internal, cultural – and how its incorporated into our lives. From the visionary poets, via Tarkovsky, a walk up the hills to sketch en plein air, to use of metaphor we’ve explored a lot over the last few months. I missed a few classes because of work but that didn’t matter: each session encompassed a complete idea.

Once upon a time I could draw. Like all skills it needs practice. But, perhaps because I wasn’t going to make any kind of “perfect” sketch after not trying for decades I told myself to be brave and just enjoy it all – and collage and pastels are messy heaven, having never used either before.

From Saturday 27 May (tomorrow) until Saturday 10 June, the art and poetry created by Andrea and Anna’s band of intrepid adventurers will be on exhibition (FREE) in The Panelled Room of The Master’s House.

Meanwhile, Andrea has two glorious paintings on display in Hereford Cathedral’s Mappa Mundi room, along with works by Grayson Perry and other artists in response to the Mappa Mundi: fabulous!

Also coming up soon:

Worcester LitFest & Fringe, 9 – 18 June

Ledbury Poetry Festival, 30 June – 9 July

And this performance series, 14 and 15 July.



Andrea McLean with one of her paintings currently exhibited in Hereford Cathedral


Detail from one of Andrea’s panels

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