Whiteleaved Oak, Chase End and Raggedstone bluebells

Glorious Sunday morning spring sunshine and so I made the most of a chance to see the bluebells as they emerge here. I drove along the hills to the hamlet of Whiteleaved Oak, one of my favourite places tucked away under the hills.


Aside from mystical ley lines the locals have a good sense of humour, judging by the notice board.


I walked a good way up High Wood where wild daffodils (just past their best) and bluebells (just coming in to theirs) carpeted glades



but some of the paths were a bit boggy.


Then up Chase End Hill, where the flowers were also lovely (more bluebells and daffs with patches of wood anemone).


A willow had fallen in winter storms. And there was yet more mud on the way back down into Whiteleaved Oak.




Finally I scrambled up Raggedstone Hill, not having climbed there before.

It’s steep but the view made the effort worthwhile.

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