Unfit and fitted up

Almost three quarters of the voting population didn’t bother to vote in the recent local elections. The “landslide” swing away from the ConDems is nothing for Labour to be proud of. If I were a Londoner, I’d be depressed at a choice between Boris and Ken as front runners. How can either Tory or Labour be proud to field such shop-soiled candidates? Integrity? Don’t make me laugh.

Marcus Moore is cooking up some ideas:

… I’d suggest, a turn-out of 32% should surely result in 68% of our elected representatives being chosen randomly: by lot, from ordinary folk who, given the chance, would provide a more appetising and nourishing spread than the toxic mess we have to endure at present.

Niall O’Sullivan has woven his comments into his daily terza rima

…wherever you are in this city,
you’re never far from rats or Tory voters.

Meanwhile, Murdoch is unfit to run his empire, says the Select Committe report.

Back in my childhood, I recall a joke about newspapers that ran something like: Times readers run the country. Telegraph readers think they should run the country. Grauniad readers would actually do a good job of running the country. (Did I mention my parents were Grauniad readers?) I don’t recall what the tabloid comments were – probably “TITS!” or something.

There’s also the old truism that anyone who wants power is probably unfit for it. “Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Watching the antics of the “great” I can’t help feeling that very few of them actually are. Leaders rarely show leadership, let alone integrity. Yet we pay them – or allow them to take! – more and more. Most company high-ups are unfit for their roles. There are notable exceptions, people who have integrity, verve, dilligence, but they are rare. Murdoch junior was laughably either culpable or inconsequential – either way, his position was a pathetic, sick, expensive joke.

Interesting that the Tories, who, more (openly) than other parties, court business “leaders” amongst supporters, argued against the “unfit” finding. It may be through fear of further revelations – but it may be pressure from others: if Murdoch’s unfit, will they look at the rest of us? What will they see? Naked emperors? Also interesting that it was Louise Mensch, poster girl for intelligent, modern Toryism, who was the mouthpiece of dissent. Then it all got a bit nasty. I despair.

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2 Responses to Unfit and fitted up

  1. martinvosperwrites says:

    Some sensible and insightful observations there, Myfanwy. As a nation that has frequently fought (often at the cost of life) for freedom of expression and the democratic right, we should be thoroughly ashamed that 68% of the electorate couldn’t be bothered to vote – yet the elephant in the room has been virtually ignored by the media.

    The problem is that no-one knows what the 68% is thinking – is it a case of disillusionment with the politicians? The political system itself? Or is it plain selfishness, in that as long as no-one disturbs their little piece of heaven they don’t care what happens to anyone else?

    Perhaps a ‘none of the above’ option on the ballot paper might be a start to flush out the disillusioned from the apathetic, and allow people to give the message to our so-called leaders that it’s time for a change all-round.

    P.S. I remember the newspaper joke too – the punch line was that ‘Sun readers don’t care who runs the country as long as they’ve got [fill in the blank]!

    • Myfanwy Fox says:

      Thanks, Martin. Yes, “none of the above” would at least allow people to say they’re sick of the status quo. But I think the disillusioned would still stay home rather than go out (bus fair, walk, queue etc) to “participate” in what, to them, is a pretty meaningless charade.

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