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Gove’s English-back-away-from-it

Yesterday’s news included footnotes that many of the senior staff (ir)responsible for the Staffordshire hospital debacle have not been sacked or demoted, let alone tried for any form of criminal neglect; instead they have moved on to higher grades in … Continue reading

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Cultural Literacy

Education: Despite promises to loosen the parameters on what must be taught, SATs and so on, the current government seems set to bring in yet more targets. This time, though, they are based on the American concept of “Cultural Literacy” … Continue reading

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Notes for a poem idea

Juxtapositions often set off ideas, stories, poems. There’s a poem brewing on the thoughts below but it hasn’t materialised yet so, since I promised to blog something every day in Jan, you’ll have to make do with a note (which … Continue reading

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