LOTS! to bid for

Here’s a listing of the actual lots available on the night of Friday 5 Feb or for email bids by Wednesday 3 Feb. Just look at all the amazing possibilities – aerial hoops or silk (so sploiled for choice!), cookery and even archery, to mention just a few.

Pst, there’s a writing workshop on offer. It will be fun and fascinating (for me – hopefully for the winner and friends, too).

[EDIT: at West Malvern Social Club, not village hall!]


More on the fabulous fund-raising auction ConFab are hosting for People In Motion, supporting refugees in Dunkirk: West Malvern Village Hall, 8.30pm Friday 5 Feb.

Come to the party and bid on the night in cash (+ donations of warm clothing, footwear, sleeping bags, toiletries etc welcome!) OR you can bid by emailing amyrainbow@talktalk.net until WEDNESDAY 3 Feb, 7pm.

The generously donated lots include workshops or tuition in juggling, sewing, piano, cooking, aerial silk, writing, flute and even archery. Beautiful silver, gold or pewter jewellery and children’s clothing has been hand-crafted for the event. There are vouchers for spa, pamper and other sessions including a vintage vinyl disco session, baby sitting, home-made baking and much, much, more.

There will be songs sung and poems written to order on the night.

Here’s a list of the lots so far (in no particular order) with pictures of just a few:


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