I’m off for a weekend in deepest Devon with old friends. Apologies for what this will do to our “summer” weather.

This was the view from our kitchen one morning a few days ago. Not exactly sunny but rather gorgeous.


Zoomed up to Birmingham after work last Tuesday and had a wonderful time at Stirchley Speaks, held at the artsy but warm and friendly P Cafe: amazing venue run by lovely people.  I read/performed a weirdly varied assortment of poems, including trying out a new poem that went well.

Meanwhile, here are the last few pictures from Ty Newydd.

IMG_1826a_resize IMG_1825a_resize IMG_1824a_resize IMG_1675a_resize IMG_1672a_resize IMG_1666a_resize IMG_1662a_resize IMG_1668a_resize IMG_1655a_resize IMG_1653a_resize IMG_1652a_resize IMG_1647a_resize IMG_1646a_resize IMG_1644a_resize IMG_1641a_resize IMG_1639a_resize IMG_1637a_resize IMG_1642a_resize

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2 Responses to Interlude

  1. E.E. Nobbs says:

    These photos are great – I just put the sheep one on as the wallpaper on my desktop :-)

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