Sarah James reviews Fox Unkennelled

Blog posts like buses … After uploading last night’s pictures I noticed a flurry of mentions on Twitter which turned out to be thanks to Sarah James who has reviewed Fox Unkennelled in the same micro-review blog post in which she review’s Jo Bell’s fabulous new collection, Kith. Blimey, I am in ace company there and, as I’d not canvassed for reviews, an unexpected joy to discover how Fox Unkennelled is met by a poet I so much respect. The full reviews are HERE but I shall quote:

The bold opening poem’s image of Hallucigenia on a baby’s face is a haunting one, and the pamphlet’s poems are full of vivid imagery. ‘Cwmmy Crab’ is so beautiful and evocative that it reminds me of the gorgeous, lush illustrations to my childhood favourite Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast.

In Fox Unkennelled, there are poems of science, of man’s impact on the world, endangered animals and class/politics. But there is also humour, and literary illusion; all brought together in a poetry of precise details and precise sounds. Very much a pamphlet I enjoyed, and one also for re-reading.

And now for some more photos from Ty Newydd last week, this time mostly from costal explorations:

IMG_1823a_resize IMG_1821a_resize IMG_1820a_resize IMG_1819a_resize IMG_1816a_resize IMG_1813a_resize IMG_1809a_resize IMG_1807a_resize IMG_1805a_resize IMG_1800a_resize IMG_1794a_resize IMG_1790a_resize IMG_1789a_resize IMG_1788a_resize IMG_1785a_resize IMG_1781a_resize IMG_1775a_resize IMG_1766a_resize IMG_1765a_resize IMG_1704a_resize IMG_1706a_resize IMG_1711a_resize IMG_1714a_resize IMG_1717a_resize IMG_1718a_resize IMG_1723a_resize IMG_1724a_resize IMG_1726a_resize IMG_1703a_resize IMG_1702a_resize IMG_1693a_resize IMG_1691a_resize IMG_1687a_resize IMG_1686a_resize IMG_1681a_resize IMG_1676a_resize

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