Myth Making

It’s been busy. Excuses, excuses. The sci-fi is progressing with some critiques and comments from generous beta-readers. The day job is on an overtime spree but I have just managed a week’s holiday for a poetry Myth Making course at Ty Newydd in deepest north Wales: bliss.

There will be writing. But, for the next few weeks, it will be the sci fi or new-hewn poetry (thanks to Ty Newydd and the excellent tutors, Pascale Petit and Daljit Nagra): probably not work to share here. In the meantime, and for the use of anyone else on the course who wants reminders of our close observations on our walk(s), here are some pictures. More will follow.

Ty Newydd is beautiful and old. I shared an attic room with a very quiet friend in the main house. We had a view over the back gate walnut tree.
IMG_1606a_resize IMG_1618a_resize

The stairs were a challenge with a big suitase.
IMG_1626a_resize IMG_1625a_resize

And we were never sure who had the room with the small door above the library …

There was a blue moon, someone said.

IMG_1751a_resize IMG_1754a_resize IMG_1756a_resize IMG_1758a_resize

More photos to follow …

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7 Responses to Myth Making

  1. journalread says:

    Looks wonderful…good to see you’re making progess with the book :)

  2. Sounds lovely, Myfanwy. No doubt some great poetry has been sown 😊

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