John Hegley ConFab Special

Here’s my round-up of the ConFab Cabaret John Hegley Special recently.

Meanwhile, Ledbury Poetry Festival is now in full swing. There is so much amazing poetry and poetry-related stuff happening over there – do get there if you possibly can!

In one tiny corner of such things I shall be reading at Ledbury’s Seven Stars Inn next Thursday night (9th July) with other poets from Malvern Writers’ Circle. We’ll be there from 7 pm till around 10 pm and it’s FREE so do drop by if you are passing. If you’re looking for an excellent dinner with a side of poetry, the Seven Stars food is superb.

On Friday (10th) evening I’ll be one of ten poets reading at The Hive with  The Quiet Compere as TQC tour reaches Worcester. Tickets just £5 for ten hand-picked poets and available from that link.

And then on Saturday I’ll be zooming to Stratford Poetry Festival for Jo Bell’s 52 event.



ConFab’s first ticketed* special was a brilliant gig with John Hegley as guest star on superb form. Hegley’s surreal humour, wit, stage experience and skill made the night. If you missed him in Malvern do try to see him somewhere. If you caught the show, you’ll want to see him again anyway. Sorry if you tried to get tickets and they’d all gone more than a week before the event. I won’t do a full review here but I’ll throw in a free fact (gleaned at his workshop the next morning): apparently his violin-look-alike instrument is an unusual variety of mandolin. So now you know.

Support acts were some of ConFab’s open mic enthusiasts along with Steve Kaos with his juggling balls and stilts.


“Fox Pops” – the Audience Poem

The paying audience were frightfully well behaved with none of the usual ConFab heckling-of-the-Fox so they came up with one…

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