A prose poem about political support

Political Support

The ‘80s Wonderbra is the lingerie equivalent of UKIP: attractively buoyant at first glance but built on false fillets with nothing to support its claims, embarrassingly prone to self-exposure and inevitably ending in tears. Trendy T-shirt lightly padded bras for those who refuse to admit to nipples are Labour yummy mummies wearing floral frocks and bearing half-baked cheery cherry cupcakes. The feminista Greens don’t see the need for Man-made Lycra, elastic and sweatshop-bent under-wires: they’ll take breasts as they come. Which leaves the Tories with the Playtex and the M&S matron ranges proclaiming their winning mantra, “Lift and Separate”.


Written in response to Luke Kennard’s guest prompt in Jo Bell’s 52 project last year.


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2 Responses to A prose poem about political support

  1. martindriscoll13 says:

    Well, you have my support always Fran!
    M x

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