What we need to do things, what we put in to things we do. What I run out of …

For those of us who are larks – at our best first thing in the morning – events are particularly exhausting as they are usually at night. For those of us who are introverts – not as in shy but finding we need a bit of aloneness to re-energise – it’s another way events are tiring however wonderful and lovely all the people involved may be.

So this blog post is a bit personal because I’m explaining why I can’t make it to everything that’s happening. Well, I could go to everything, but I’d pay for it over the next days – and possibly even weeks. Long ago, I was one of those undergrads who worked – and partied – all term and then promptly caught a cold as I stepped onto the train for the holidays, to spend the two week break at Christmas or Easter comatose, starting with pretty much 48 straight hours of sleep broken for the occasional snack and a visit to the doctor for antibiotics for tonsillitis.

Excuses, excuses: I wanted to go on the Worcs Lit Fest & Fringe opening events – including the laureate selection – followed by the magical-sounding midnight solstice walk last night but I was at work yesterday (my day job is interestingly knackering –I’ve had plenty of interesting/knackering jobs over the years; this one takes the biscuit) and I’m to be at work again today and my teenagers finished their various exams as of yesterday so, instead of going anywhere at all we had a takeaway meal as a treat and I was in bed by 9.30 – long before my kids – catching up after ConFab on Wednesday night (it was FAB indeed; I will blog a review and the audience poem ASAP) and then a visit to Birmingham’s new library for a Poetry On Loan workshop (also fab; fun and funny and educational all in one) on Thursday.

So I have just looked on FaceBook and I Worcestershire’s new poet laureate is FERGUS MCGONIGAL; Claire Walker was a close second and Suz Winspear third. Huge congratulations! And see you all soon, I hope.


Here’s wot I made in the Poetry On Loan Seeing Things workshop with permission to play like preschoolers with the PVA glue and bits of sparkly stuff:


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4 Responses to Energy

  1. Fabulous post, Myfanwy! :)

  2. Ooh, it’s fun sometimes to create like kids with PVA glue and sparkly bits. I need grandchildren for an excuse to do that again. As a fellow lark, I know how you feel about late nights. I burn the candle at both ends far to often for my own good. Trouble is, when one works there are never enough hours in the day to squeeze everything this weekend..friend’s birthday party tonight, leaving home at 9.15 for a charity walk. Both girls home as ex’s birthday and I’m cooking dinner, including birthday cake. He never leaves till gone midnight and I usually start work at 7.30am.

    • Myfanwy Fox says:

      Your energy is always amazing. A lot of it is having no choice, isn’t it? I’m getting spoilt and lazy. As for the creating mess thing – B’ham library’s the place ;)

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