Spring Sunshine

Four weeks into 52 and there are some amazing poems in the group. Meanwhile, here’s  my attempt to tackle week 4’s theme, Invitation.


Invitation to Spring Sunshine

Please come soon.
You can’t be too quick –
surprise me.

I’ll welcome you,
fling open doors,
shuck off vesty layers,

dance on the hilltop
naked, receptive
to your deft touch.

Children may shriek;
neighbours may blink,
blinded by skin’s albedo,

but, with you, I’ll be fearless
careless of exposure –
“I love you!” I will sing.

My mood will soar;
dreary bickering
brighten to cheery banter;

smiles will include eyes,
backs will be straighter.
Everyone will shine.



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4 Responses to Spring Sunshine

  1. Ron says:

    If I were spring, I’d come to hear you read your lovely poem aloud. Sadly, I am winter…. and I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…

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