LinkedIn Sizzle Reel CV

Taken from one, in particular, amazing LinkedIn CV.
First published by Ink, Sweat & Tears.

LinkedIn Sizzle Reel CV

I am a woman possessed
of the key skills to incentivise staff,
validate client-facing compliance,
inject vitality into volunteer experience,
strategically assess critical outcomes
with process excellence
and granular costing increments.

As part of a senior management structure
which is a likeness to a Director
I handle large scale retail architecture
where HR transformational deliverables
facilitate leveraged, rather than generic,
competencies with dimensionalised KPI accruals
pre-tested via brand aware customer bundles.


I have strong communicational skills.



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4 Responses to LinkedIn Sizzle Reel CV

  1. Great use of jargon but what on earth is “granular costing increments”? I’m obviously going wrong somewhere..too much plain English.

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