London (2)

Last Wednesday I strained an upper arm muscle at the day job – nothing serious nor long lasting (I hope; it’s almost completely better now) but so painful temporarily that I wore a sling for a couple of days and even my usual touch typing was impossible. Consequently novel draft was postponed and I was left fiddling with ideas and pictures – anything I could do with a mouse alone. Hence the London sights here, as I hadn’t blogged for far too long.

Finished the draft and basic edit at last yesterday – hurrah! – so now for something completely different while I let my immediate critics digest it (handy having two lit-mad teenagers in the house when writing young adult fiction) and give myself a bit of distance from it. Most of it is already quite polished but the ending has been rewritten and extended.

This morning I have written something topical for the next ConFab Cabaret in Malvern (on Tuesday 24th September). The idea had been knocking around in the back of my mind for a few weeks and it’s fast, furious and rude and with a chorus – more audience participation.

And now I can play with pictures again, so here are a few more London shots:

“Earth has not anything to show more fair”




It was full moon. Back-lit, the shard looks like something out of LOTR:


Older buildings are utterly surrounded by the new steel and glass temples to finance.





Here’s that curved glass monster that’s melted road, paintwork on nearby shops and even someone’s Jag.


Talking of Jags, where better to showcase a new model than Docklands?





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2 Responses to London (2)

  1. I so wish I could join you at ConFab this time, but sadly, no. It’s the AGM of Worcester Writers’ Circle so I feel I must be there. Hoping to see you at the next one. Trust your arm is much better now xx

  2. Myfanwy Fox says:

    Thanks, Polly. Do hope you can make it to the November show.
    And arm is completely recovered :)

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