Here are a few London photos to show I can do city – as long as it’s just for a few days.

But first, Great Malvern Station, as we left:



We stayed in St Pauls Youth Hostel, very close to the Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge.


IMG_5137a_resize IMG_5412a_resize IMG_5409a_resize IMG_5404a_resize IMG_5386b_resize IMG_5386a_resize

And the Tate Modern.


IMG_4956a_resize IMG_4945a_resize IMG_4958a_resize

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4 Responses to London

  1. Lovely pictures, great angles.

  2. My daughter Lucy and I will be back tomorrow from a feŵ days in Cornwall – we’ve been to the Tate St Ives and Barbara Hepworth’s home / studio / museum. Wonderful time – we’re so lucky – as are you, Fran – we make the most of the good times. :)

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