Gove’s English-back-away-from-it

Yesterday’s news included footnotes that many of the senior staff (ir)responsible for the Staffordshire hospital debacle have not been sacked or demoted, let alone tried for any form of criminal neglect; instead they have moved on to higher grades in other places, in much the same way as our bankers and city chaps blithely keep smiling and carry on.

“How to” books are always citing how failures teach success (never mind that all the businesses where failure leads to, er, failure are not available as examples; slight slant on the data there, chaps)…

So, since Tory golden boy Gove has failed so splendidly with exam reforms (now to be known as “The English Back-away-from-it” (c) my husband) can we assume he’ll be Cameron’s replacement?

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3 Responses to Gove’s English-back-away-from-it

  1. Ah Gove and Fox re-united in a loving post :)

    I know some right-of-sane Tories have touted M Gove esq. (English Schools Quashed) as a FART (Future And Right Tory-Leader) but really! Though I actually think this is very wrong, his appearance and manner will rule him out from serious contention – he is just not good-looking enough on TV – I say that without hypocrisy: I have an excellent face for radio. Only if all the Tory moderates and media-savvy Tory right were to be de-seated, could Gove become leader on the back of an overwhelming Tory extreme-right, Such as Sir Poncenby Tart-Twistle bt. (Blinkered Tory). No I think such days are long-gone. But what a Leader / PM Gove would make! I cannot help thinking it would be like having a moderate and very polite Taliban taking charge. Gove is not stupid and he is not insane; I actually like him in some ways and I think this climb-down is courageous and very sane. But he is not leadership material. Bring-back Sir John Major, I say.

    If Dave, err sorry, the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable David Cameron, continues to lead the Tories for many years yet than who knows which potential leaders will come forth from the ranks (note: have Jonathan Ross say that). But if Dave were, today, demolished by a London Omnibus, being driven through London at high-speed by the Mayor, then my top three present contenders would be: Mrs T May (Home Secretary); Mr WJ Hague (Foreign Secretary) and Mr B Johnson (Works in London, not an MP at present). My outside candidate and the one to watch: Mr N Clegg (Deputy PM and not yet in the Conservative Party. Not yet).

    Jim Hacker Rools KO! (I have an English Bach)

  2. Oh My Dog! It’s a stitch-Up.

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