RIP Kass

Today is “Blue Monday” – the day of the year when we supposedly feel most down according to the media – so I suppose it might be appropriate to blog that our beloved Kassie is no more, having died peacefully on Saturday morning. We’d rehomed her from Guide Dogs aged 8½; she was 14 at New Year. She died pretty much thirty years to the day after my mother died (I was just starting my second term at university).

I’m not very keen on January.

But actually, having spent the entire weekend grieving, shovelling snow and/or hibernating, I don’t feel too down today. Grief is with us – we miss her so much – but she was very ill and exhausted by the end.

She collapsed just before Christmas, necessitating a stay with the vet. Diagnosis was an advanced tumour pressing on her lungs and heart, so we were glad that, with medication, she rallied and was able to have a bit more time here with us, scoffing three meals a day and being fussed over royally. But on Saturday morning she was panting even lying still, disinterested in food (other than daughter’s home-made caramel cookies!) and couldn’t stand; time to call the vet.

Here are a few happy memories of Kass –

Her first visit was in 2007.


She loved chasing things – sticks, balls, squirrels…


Other favourite activities included eating anything and everything she could lay her nose on (no matter how disgusting), selective deafness (especially when eating something hideous), wallowing in water or, preferably, mud (the smellier the better).


She loved the snow, snapping at snow balls, chasing and rolling. Even on Saturday morning she managed a hint of a wag as Dave carried her outside for a wee.



Once home, she loved being towelled dry. Then she would flop by the sofa, hoping someone would sit with her so she could roll over for a tummy rub. (Unless someone opened the cupboard door in which case she was instantly alert in case a treat was in the offing.)

RIP Kassie. Thank you for all your love and companionship.

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14 Responses to RIP Kass

  1. jenib1571 says:

    Beautifully put. RIP Kassie.

  2. Angela France says:

    Thinking of you – they give us so much but take pieces of our hearts when they leave.

  3. Tracy says:

    You were fortunate to have her and she was fortunate to have you. Wonderful memories and beautiful writing xox

  4. Beautifully put. Kass was a lovely dog and has left you with many happy memories.

  5. Dan Purdue says:

    Her character really comes across in those photos. She was a lovely-tempered dog and very friendly. I hope you can take comfort in the memories you have of her. Rest in peace, Kassie.

  6. Hi Myfanwy,

    We were very distressed to hear that Kas could no longer continue her happy life with you and your family. She was a wonderful dog and the three of us, too, shall miss her dearly. Lovely photographs and eulogy (all very true to her); well done. You (and all the other dog re-homers / rescuers) are so important in offering ex-working dogs and simply unwanted dogs not just a retirement but a second chance at life – I know you and she grasped that second chance with all paws.

    I am also sorry for your painful anniversary. One never forgets.

    Fourteen is an excellent innings – but, of course, that also gives us longer time together which makes the parting so sad. But that parting was comparatively brief. Much longer is the time you spent together and the memories and photographs you have. She was very happy indeed. Remember that; well done.

  7. Thank you very much, Myfanwy. Was anutter pleasure.

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