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It’s hibernation time here: almost dark by three in the afternoon, raining steadily. Yesterday a brief sunny respite but Upton-Upon-Severn looked like this:

Even in the rain this morning Malvern’s new buzzard sculpture by Walenty Pytel (in Rosebank Gardens)looks stunning:

My first experience of being an invited poet this week – in fact, my first and second experiences, on consecutive nights. Poetry gigs are like buses…

On Thursday evening I braved the storms to read at Bilston Voices, invited by Emma Purshouse. On Friday, after a rather busy day out, I read with Lead Poets on Tour in Cheltenham, invited by Sarah L Dixon.

Bilston Voices is a regular, friendly, well-attended event with a very welcoming atmosphere. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone in the area.

The Lead Poets on Tour was a one-off event (but hopefully to be repeated next year) in the (almost impossible to find) Meantime arts space. However, perhaps because it was arranged long distance, and perhaps because most of us were somewhat unknown quantities to Sarah it was – perhaps (perhaps I’m overusing perhaps) – the most varied set I’ve listened to at any event in my (admittedly recent) experience; and all of it was good.

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