Mindful Writing and NaMoWriMo

Today is Mindful Writing Day.

“To join in, simply slow down, pay attention to one thing and write it down (making a small stone). Read more here. […] Why? Because writing small stones will stitch you to the world, one word at a time. They will point you towards the deep pink frilly roses in next door’s front garden, and the swooshing sound of trains in the distance. They will help you to fall hopelessly in love with the world. You don’t have to have any experience of writing to write small stones. You just have to find three minutes, open your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, fingers and mind, and then write down what you notice.”

Have a go – it’s a beautiful way to stop the whirr of worries and frantic business; for three minutes – anywhere – just BE. If you can write something of that moment down, that’s a bonus. Perhaps it might even kick-start something longer.

Today is also, for brave (and/or mad) hardy souls, the start of NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.

The aim is huge numbers of words in a single month – switch off your inner editor and just WRITE, get the ideas onto the page or screen. (Almost the opposite of mindfulness – and yet…). Sign up on the website for encouragement, plans, forums and more (but don’t let them distract from the actual writing).

Two projects to encourage writing. Something joyful about November despite the clocks going back, the fog, drizzle and general ghastliness of a sodden English winter.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to interviewing Jon Pinnock here soon; watch this space.

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