Ledbury again

MWC’s Ledbury recital went well. I MC’d efficiently, if not with as much panache as I would like. A dozen(ish) of us gave short sets (3 or 4 poems; 10 minutes max) and kept the night lively. Several people couldn’t make it and were missed but we did ‘em proud.


I read three short lyrical poems for my first set and, for the second, started with a charity shop-based poem (comparing sorting clothing to sorting poems for a long-list), moved on to politics (my Leveson Inquiry poem was well received) and then finished with some filth in the classic British tradition of innuendo. The Seven Star’s landlord, Paul, was really into poetry, the poets and was a great sport (as well as doing excellent food and beer: plug well deserved, btw!). He removed the sign banning “foul and abusive language” in my honour (Ed: honour?). As I mentioned “boobs” in my charity shop poem there was a cheer from the other (out of sight) bar’s clientele and the phrase “chuffed gussets” caused great merriment from the unseen regulars. Good to all be there and entertaining – and good to be entertaining people who might not otherwise go to a poetry event.



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One Response to Ledbury again

  1. Looks like you went-down far better than a Leadbury balloon. (Or should that be went up better? – can never work these things out). Anyway well done! Good pix too.

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