Ledbury Poetry Festival mid-way

A kaleidoscope of thoughts. A world of words. Cobbles, cuppas and cake. Bunting, busking, busy-be(e)ing.

This is the first time I’ve volunteered as a Festival helper. Stewarding, hospitality (green room cuppas, sarnies and cake – plus chat to all comers) and accommodation (“One year I had to find 361 beds,” said previous accommodation manager, Jo, as we washed up cups in hospitality). Well worth the efforts as I have attended far more events this year and, looking after people, to events I might not otherwise have seen – some of which have been highlights for me: The Debris Field (haunting, mesmerising, fascinating); Bang Said the Gun with Elvis McGonagall (who’s energy as performer is boundless and hilarious); Jane Hirshfield’s tenderly academic talk on transitions in poems.

Wednesday night will be MWC’s ensemble event at the Seven Stars pub (7 – 11 including musical interludes). I may be MC-ing; I shall certainly be reading.

While the general weather has been like this –

Ledbury managed sunshine at the weekend –

(Spot the poet: it’s Jo Bell dashing to another event)

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3 Responses to Ledbury Poetry Festival mid-way

  1. Rather spiffing images these; well done. The Green Room with buffet sounds good; think I’d prefer to be in there than on-stage or zooming betwixt gigs. Good luck at the MWC presentation: hope your reading goes well, as indeed I hope your Mastering Of Cyberpoets does. Hope the venue is suitably non-noisy and acoustically good.

    • Myfanwy Fox says:

      Thanks, Mr many-named kind commenter. I was impressed how laid-back the hospitality work-load was for our session (having worked in catering once upon a time very briefly in student days and hated it). Perhaps they put me on an easy shift in case I was hopeless but it was very calm and relaxing (I didn’t have to tackle the coffee machine – Miffy (short for Myfanwy – two of us in one room!) did that). So a bit of washing up, pour the odd cup of tea, lounge around nattering.

      And thanks for the encouragement for tonight’s show.

      • Having re-metamorphosed, Ms same-named kind helper, I can understand one might be Miffed at having the same name – worse than a similar dress, don’t you know? So I keep changing (!) I hope your “do” tonight will be on You Tube? so we can all “i-player” it for later, after we first miss it. Go break a leg (but not literally – that would be painful and unnecessary. More in the Scottish Play sort of sense).

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