Ledbury Poetry Festival 2012

Ledbury Poetry Festival begins tonight. I shall be there tomorrow for stewarding, hospitality and to hear as many poets as possible. There is so much I would like to see but I know I shall only manage a fraction. I am also looking forward to meeting poets – some known for a long while (Sibyl Ruth organised an event that picked a story of mine very early in my writing career – she probably doesn’t remember it but I will always be grateful) and some only known via FaceBook.

Above is a picture I took of Lebury festival a few years ago.

Ledbury is a beautiful setting for a festival, based at one end of the Malvern Hills. Malvern – where I live – is at the other end of the long ridge. All around is beautiful countryside. In case you might be tempted to try the festival – or just come for a holiday.

From the vale our end of the hills looks a bit like this:

I’ll be reading a couple of short sets at the Seven Stars pub on Wednesday night as part of the Malvern Writers’ Circle ensemble. It’s a free, friendly and varied group event, so please do drop by if you have a chance.

The last photo below was taken from a hillside above Martley last night. The moon was already up and the Malverns glowed in the late evening sunlight. Apart from the occasional flood it was a lovely drive to and fro.

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