Spark is a lovely collaboration between visual and word art that takes place twice a year. A prompt – visual or words – is sent and a response Sparked. The pair are posted together on the Spark website. The variety and creativity is wonderful.

I’ve taken part a couple of times before – I have a friend who’s a photo artist and poet, so that’s a good starting point.

This time, I supplied a visual prompt, rather than a poem, as in the past couple of times we’re participated.

Here’s Kapulco’s photo-art of a pool with my poem response.

And here’s my photo of wild rudbekia flowers in the Californian Siera Mountains with Kapulco’s poem in response.

Do have a look at the other pieces, too – and the archives: inspiration.

I’ll be reading Eels tomorrow morning in Malvern Theatres foyer area as part of the Civic Week Jubilee celebrations MWC group – only bestest (cleanest!) pastoral poems (not even a squashed Tiggywinkle will be mentioned; and no politics, deary me, no). Rather looking forward to The Vaginella’s show in a couple of weeks time to make up for good behaviour now!

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2 Responses to Spark

  1. kapulco says:

    Thank you, Myfanwy. Is always brill to work with you and experiencing your eels was fab. JK.

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