Poems Are Like Buses

A couple of days behind with NaPoWriMo due to day job and – good grief! – social events. I hoped to do some gardening today but it’s pouring with rain so I have caught up with a couple of ideas scribbled over the last few days, plus a hay(na)ku for today.

Hay(na)ku (day 22)

lets me
write a little

Grumble (day 21)

Lady, who comes in to my shop at ten to five
then, at five, won’t take the hint and go –
tormenting others; is that how you thrive?
Consideration: a thought you clearly do not know.

Creativity (day 20)

My son – we lived in way-out California –
learned a baby sign language: “squirrel”
was paws to mouth, nibbling
an imagined cob. Watching
a nature programme we saw a bushbaby,
leaping through a rainforest canopy;
son made the sign for “squirrel”
with added “jump!” for joy –
new language, new connections.

Grow up!
Be sensible – concentrate, work hard.
Yet artists need to keep that spark
of seeing beyond what is, finding meanings,
metaphors – forgo guilt
of daily bread, to-do-lists, toil.
Will his heart keep word-play, poetry,
synaptic joyfulness? or
will it be, at adult best, in aspic
cramped, miserable,

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