Poor Law, Rich Lawyers

Today’s NaPoWriMo offering is based on G K Chesterton’s Rolling English Road – one of the poems my father loved reading aloud with its exuberant, rolling language.

Poor Law, Rich Lawyers

Before the EU bulged in Brussels or the UN showed its flaws,
the greedy English lawyers made the greedy English laws –
reeling laws, reviling laws that strangle in the shires;
and, after, unfrocked bishops ran, with sex tapes and bad liars;
elitist laws, a-mazy laws, and such as we did dread
from times of yore when monarch’s whim might detach you from your head.

O what a tangled web they weave upon the internet –
Twitter jokes are not a hoax even when they pose no threat;
Libel tourism, want more-ism, extraordinary rendition-ism,
Simon Singh, Arab Spring, viewing “Truth” through power’s prism….
Yet – foundations built bone by bone on Clapham Omnibus man’s reason
May yet take us back to one law for all by way of greed-begotten treasons.


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2 Responses to Poor Law, Rich Lawyers

  1. Great rhythm to this and your rhymes work very well.

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