Orchard Blossom

Leaving Malvern on the beautiful and winding Cowleigh Road (B4219) towards Hereford (via Storridge), there’s a sharp dog leg bend by Knight’s Cider with a tiny side road I’ve always wanted to explore but, somehow, never driven down. Yesterday, looking for somewhere “not too hilly” to walk (as step mum is staying) we walked a section of the Worcestershire Way from that side road – Crumpton Hill Road; the road less travelled.

The well way-marked track took us through orchards, some old, some new. Mature hedges and sentinel oaks with woodpecker holes shelter wildlife – we saw a fox, buzzards and heard myriad eager birds’ songs. Early blossom – blackthorn, damson, cherry – shone in occasional sunlight while buds were breaking on trees and hedges. Within a few weeks the pear and apple blossom will follow in the main orchards, making the slopes a spring pale pink and green tapestry; we will return.

I’ve been mulling on the beauty, age – old and new – and relationship with mankind of the landscape since the walk but not finding a poem yet. So a brief sort-of-incantation is my cheat for today’s NaPoWriMo:

white petals
dark-inked sky
white petals
rain-washed silk
white petals
bee-bereft temptation
white petals

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3 Responses to Orchard Blossom

  1. Oxenholme says:

    This is an exquisite poem. What a cop-out to excuse yourself for not writing a proper poem. This has the beauty of an orchid which fails to impress as does a showy tulip. It is an absolute gem of a wonderful poem and I love it. Don’t belittle my favourite poems by my favourite poets, please. (So there!)

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