Owling at the Moon

Last night involved ironing antique lace (scratty scraps brought home for a wash – now gorgeous! – will be on sale once it’s dated and valued) so no writing then. Luckily a combination of red wine after effects (doesn’t take much, alas) and our local owls kept me awake enough to dream up some overnight nonsense.

Apparently the “twit twoo” is often a duet between owls. (Although, a bit of googling suggests it’s males that make most of the noise … however…)

Un-Wise Owls

Two tawny she-owls woooo,
listening for a mate;
but no mouse-carrying males reply,
twitting for a date.
She-owls learn that, sadly, it is true –
you need a twit to woo.

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2 Responses to Owling at the Moon

  1. wonderful post and lovely photo

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