Malvern Spring (2)

A glorious sunny morning for this Malvern hillside. Pearly lambent1 mist – full of hormonal birds, squawking, tweeting, posing and arguing since about four this morning.

I’ll be back at the day job today but it’s been a good week off, writing-wise: novel pages added (WIP is now c.19,000 words), a couple of poems and the veg patch dug and ready for planting. Rhubarb would be waist high if I hadn’t picked four crumbles-worth already and we ate our first salad from early sowings last night.

Just glanced at the search terms people have used to find this blog – always joyously bemusing – and I can now add:

fox facts – ah, might not be quite what you wanted
tu-whit tu-who–a merry note – I wonder if greasy Joan might start her own blog?
foxx tail porn – no, just no.
“ovine pen” – a writing site for woolly thinkers?
what tone of voice should you use when reciting the playground by michael rosen – try YouTube?

1 Lambent. One of those words that are now on the cliché list for over-use in posh poetry – along with fractal, cerulean, liminal, mote etc. Just used “mote” as one of the line-end words for a sestina – so hoping that variations – in one verse as “emote” and another as “moat” – will scrape me through the cliché trap but the fact that I am dwelling on it means probably not.

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2 Responses to Malvern Spring (2)

  1. Ron says:

    Lovely shot. My mother made the most fabulous rhubarb pie (without the disgusting addition of berries making it much less a taste treat) I’m pretty sure ovine pen was a typo. No doubt it should have been Bovine pen, or Cow talk, a blog for cooperative cow fiction writing…

  2. Myfanwy Fox says:

    I’m going to divide our clump of rhubarb next winter as it’s doing so well. We’re not used to things doing well in our garden. New neighbour said, ‘I do hope our cat isn’t being a pest, digging and so on.’ I replied that compared to the badgers, ASBO pigeons, rabbits, giant slugs (bigger than the rabbits) and senile (where-did-I-bury-my-nuts? Let’s dig up the ENTIRE lawn) squirrels she’s nothing.

    What would “Cow talk” blog about? The Moooody Blues? I think we deserve a pat on the head…

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