Young Writer Awards – and a post script on Hiraeth

Huge congrats to all those who were awarded writing prizes at our MWC celebration last week.

On Friday (16 March) prizes, certificates, medals, cups and anthologies were presented for the Malvern Young Writer of the Year 2012 competition. We took over a big room in the Malvern College Music Centre (lovely acoustics – yes!) and the college kindly provided hot drinks and excellent nibbles after the presentations.

After organising the comp for the last seven years (did I mention we gave out prizes, certificates, medals, cups and anthologies? And that’s just one night’s nail-biting-what-can-go-wrong?-where-have-I-put-that?-angst) I have enjoyed relaxing and merely critiquing the poetry (in case you were wondering who to blame) and creating the anthology. And, on the night, taking photographs. I tried not to flash – horribly distracting, flashing poets – so some shots were poor but we did get a few good group shots at the end. I hope they’ll be up on the MWC website with the winners’ names.

Thinking fondly (?) back to previous years (I once slipped off the – mercifully very low – stage; another time I forgot an entire group of winners) I’m delighted to have been part of something that has inspired local young writers for almost two decades. Thank you to everyone involved – Dan, Julie, Linda, Wendy (founder), Graham (who dragged me into it eight years ago), all the entrants, their teachers, families and our sponsors.

Write on!

#          #          #

Talking of hiraeth, there is a haiku by Basho that seems to capture the concept rather well:

Hearing the cuckoo
even in Kyoto
I long for Kyoto

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