Kreativ Fox facts.

Poet Sarah JamesInto the Yell – has kindly awarded me a Kreativ Blogger Award. So, apparently, I have to divulge five little-known facts about myself and nominate my own award-winners … who shall be

>>> drum roll <<<

Jenny Hope, Helen Ivory, editor of Ink, Sweat & Tears, and Marcus Moore.

The baton moves on to them, should they wish to take it.

Five Foxy factlets:

1)    A baboon once stole my loo roll. As I was squatting in some bushes needing to pee, that wasn’t very friendly of him but, at the time, I was more alarmed by his baleful glare and threat-yawn showing his three-inch-long canine teeth – and the posse of pals following him.

2)    I hate cherry laurel.

3)    Moles under the pillow are very noisy in the early hours; don’t camp near mole hills.

4)    My late Father had a letter published in the Grauniad: “I was born in ’33. Now, in ’78, I’m 45. Is this a record?”

5)    My grandfather’s nickname was “Trot”. we don’t know if it was because he had long, skinny legs and used to trot around Street (he worked for Clarks Shoes) or because he had left-wing views. I wish I’d inherited his long, skinny legs.

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5 Responses to Kreativ Fox facts.

  1. Ron says:

    Where were you that baboons were in residence, and why?

    • Myfanwy Fox says:

      You want *more* Foxy factlets? Tut!

      We were travelling in Zaire. There aren’t many public loos but there are plenty of bushes. I was close by the roadside – for safety. But not as safe as if there hadn’t been a troop of – we estimated as they crossed the road – thirty baboons ambling by.

      I should’ve added you to the list of Kreativ recipients – I’m sure you’d come up with some fab facts.

  2. Oxenholme says:

    Loo roll… I mean drum roll… And did your father go for a spin that day? Lots of love, Cherry and the Laurel family (we’re Hardy enough to take it). And Congrats!

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