“la culture satanic”

I promised more search terms [edit: searches which have incidentally led people to click on this blog] to puzzle over yesterday but, after a busy day at work, I was whisked off to a friend’s house for dinner, wine and some strange blue sticky stuff (which I blame for not remembering anything after about 11pm). I know you were heartbroken to wait but here they are at last, with comments …

[i have blackouts anf fall asleep when i driv] – Also when you’re googling by the look of it.

[dystopian comedy plots] – Must be all my mentions of the ConDems

[ibs puns] and [tales of ibs] – No luck but there was a poem about Steven Fry.

[la culture satanic] – Does agnosticism get me off that one? Maybe they found Andy Hamilton.

[what do you call an open mic poetry reading] – An open mic poetry reading? Just hazarding a guess.

[what do you call the circle microphone] – See above.

[the new year is just a date] – but with whom, gentle googler? Were they shaggable?

[myfanwy the sheep] –What I keep in my dressing-up box is my business.

[giant strangler fig] – Blimey, google is good at this kind of esoteric haystack searching.

[dragonbore recipe] –Were you asking my teenage son something?

[rapid rhino stories] – Ah, those ghastly nasal tampons (“Rampant Rhinos” – my husband). I really would rather forget, thank you.

[drive through pranks] – No. No idea. (Typo?)

[murder in the bathroom] – Like Murder in the Cathedral only for impoverished athiests.
(remember this picture of Fox bathroom refurbishment from May, 2011?)

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3 Responses to “la culture satanic”

  1. J Oxenholme says:

    The thing about “Murder In The Bathroom” is the the means are on tap and the chain of events obvious as the crime pans-out. Bog-standard, really.

  2. J Oxenholme says:

    You’re right: that comedian died on stage in a Cornish town.

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