Focus Pocus, whys? and “how a fox delouse itself”

This blog is almost a year old.

Why blog? Practice? Exhibitionism? Meeting new people? Letting old friends find out new things? Things to say? Procrastination when I should be doing proper writing?

The answer is probably somewhere in all of those – and other – possibilities.

WordPress gives all sorts of advice to blog beginners – focus, entertain, focus, keep it up; focus – decide what you want to blog on and keep to it: focus.

So, yeah, I don’t focus at all; I talk about whatever, whenever, whyever; I am not aiming to be paid for blogging. I supose I’d like my achievements to be real world rather than virtual; that frees me to be myself and, probably, to be self-indulgent, tch.

(Maybe it also frees me to be honest – there’s not going to be any of that corporate-speak feel-good desperately-in-need-of-hits jollying-along shit on here.)

What has surprised me is how many people check it out – and some are kind (or mad) enough to return again and again. The hit rate has shot up this blog-post-a-day month so some seem to like quantity rather than quality. Or I am getting hits from random strangers – hello, random strangers, do stay for a cuppa; have a poem/story – then go and write some of your own.

Some of the visits come from searches. The first time someone googled “Myfanwy fox poet” I was really rather chuffed. Delighted to have also turned up numerous searches for Tim Minchin and Bill Bailey (though I’m sure my blog wasn’t quite what the searchers had in mind). “christmas letters” was my most common search. Possibly not a good tag / title for a blog post, with hindsight. Quite how someone found my blog from “lower broadheath church inside” I do not know; Lower Broadheath (Elgar’s birthplace) is quite near here so maybe I did mention it somewhere. “horse harmony” has me completely in the dark, as does “omniscient cartoon”, though I assume this is what they discovered. Whoever googled “how win malverns young writer of the year easily” was a cheeky muppet but (hah!) none the wiser after visiting Fox Tales (though the rules explained might have helped them at least make it into the comp in one piece). I’ll add some more searches tomorrow but, for now, will finish with “how a fox delouse itself”; Shall I compare thee to a mangy vixen?

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7 Responses to Focus Pocus, whys? and “how a fox delouse itself”

  1. aerialcetacean says:

    “how a fox delouse itself”

    It asks its cat friend to help…

    “I will help”…. “I will NOT help”!

  2. Myfanwy Fox says:

    Oi, are you calling me a Mongrel, *****?

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  4. J Oxenholme says:

    from Cheshire: How does a Dee-louse fox itself? is the question. (Omlet, when deciding to be indecisive).

  5. J Oxenholme says:

    :) Ah! That accounts for it. So Hamlet makes not one entry but two?

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