Notes for a poem idea

Juxtapositions often set off ideas, stories, poems. There’s a poem brewing on the thoughts below but it hasn’t materialised yet so, since I promised to blog something every day in Jan, you’ll have to make do with a note (which may well be government policy by next week, the way things are going):

This morning, on the radio, news that Gove is to scrap current computer studies and bring in new, “exciting” schemes sponsored by big companies like Microsoft and Google. Shortly after came the news that lottery funding for the British film industry is to be redirected to big – moneymaking – films.

Leaving aside the fact that big films are surely just the thing investors should be keen to underwrite (and, if we, via our lottery, fund them, do we get all the profits? and the flying pigs?), why don’t UK Government Plc go the whole hog and make education more holistic – their business pals have complained enough that youngsters are not prepared for the realities of our modern working world. Gove could bring in YouPorn to sponsor IT while PE could involve pole dancing and press-ups. Film studies, drama – covered; and schools could make money out of cctv footage from behind the VI-form bikesheds.

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2 Responses to Notes for a poem idea

  1. Helen says:

    I look forward to reading the poem when you’ve written it, Myfanwy! 8-)

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