Malvern Hills Winter Sunset

Looking westward towards Wales from North Hill.



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4 Responses to Malvern Hills Winter Sunset

  1. Myfanwy Fox says:

    Thanks, Vincent :-)

  2. J Oxenholme says:

    Myfanwy, (great Welsh name),

    As said about Yorkshire, in Heriot, “It’s God’s country, James.”

    I wish I were there, bathed in the essence of honeyed Lilac which your image shows. I love the way in which you have the clouds parting to allow the shafts of sunlight to illuminate Cymru – as if waking dormant choirs throughout the land.

    Well done. All together, now: !”ae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl…”

    Brill :) Bore da to you.

  3. Myfanwy Fox says:

    Bore da, J. The land of your fathers – lovely. Thank you.

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