Hatching the New Year

The New Year list – best of / worst of / resolutions – thing always bothers me. I mean, it’s great seeing (some of!) the lists but New Year as a date is just a day. It’s not Christ’s birth (if you’re Christian and actually believe we know when one particular bloke was born all that time ago) or the shortest day (from our pre-Christian past); it’s just a day. In the same way that the millennium was just a side-effect of our human need to label things, tally time.

So arbitrary 365-day chunk of time labelled 2011 is almost over, to be followed by 366 days of leap year 2012.

I made one resolution* last year and I kept it. First time that’s ever happened.

I didn’t write prose as much as I should – or would have liked to – but I did write some poetry, even subbed the odd bit here and there (very odd bits most of my friends would say), and began to enjoy the performance/reading aspects of poetry.

And I began this blog (last February, so it’s almost a year old – it’ll be toddling, next).

I’ve been inspired and fascinated reading other peoples’ journeys – life and writing. Meeting people, workshopping, chatting, watching, learning. I feel like I’m absorbing stuff, soaking up writing. Maybe I’m at the chrysalis stage; I’ve done the very hungry maggot – gobbling grammar, structure and so on – instar; now it will all magically stew inside me till, suddenly, I will erupt as a writer, my prose vibrant, new and vivid as a butterfly’s wings.

Or atractive as a cockroach.

Maybe I just need to get on with some writing.

*And what was my resolution? To ignore resolutions. I’m keeping it again this year.

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8 Responses to Hatching the New Year

  1. Freakishly, I’ve just written a blog (to go up tomorrow) on much the same lines. Resolve to keep writing and deal with everything else – work, society, children, crumbling plasterwork, gas bills – as it arises. Have a happy new year :)

    • Myfanwy Fox says:

      I’ll look forward to yours tomorrow, Gordon. Mine’s up today because I’m back at work tomorrow (stocktake – hurrah! (not)) and then wining and dining (or wining, whining and dining, if the stock take was too bloody).
      No resolutions, but the sci fi sequel is calling, so perhaps it will drag some prose into life.
      All the best to you and yours – and all the best for writing in 2012.

  2. aerialcetacean says:

    OK. Now for the coming year…. lets see if you can break a few expectations…

    Simple resolutions are a perfect set up for failure… 2 possible outcomes
    1. meet the resolution…ho hum. You said you would do it !
    2. fail… oh what a loser!

    Don’t set a simple target… If a target is worth striving for, take some time to decide what it really is. Talk with your friends, and then really stretch yourself. If you fail on an ambitious target this year you will probably make it next year if you really want it.

    Your friends WILL be with you.

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