New Directions

What’s good?

1) Step-mum gave me a sat nav for my birthday, despairing of my hopeless sense of direction —>

2) I have braved Birmingham traffic twice in eight days …

3) … enabling me to attend two very good – and very different – workshops on being a writer visiting schools.

The first was from NAWE, arranged by Writing West Midlands at the MAC. Anne Caldwell and Jonathan Davidson led discussions on workshop ideas, management of projects, how writers might adapt approaches to the current curriculum and so on. NAWE is an umbrella organisation that provides resources, subsidised CRB checks, networking etc.

The second was a six-hour session at The Drum organised by Apples & Snakes aimed specifically at spoken word poets and working towards youth slam events. Jacob Sam-la Rose was a brilliant facilitator, so the six hours flew by – and there was such a lot to fit in. Spoz and Dreadlock Alien gave an hour-long flavour of how they take on an entire year group for a day’s intensive poetics leading to a slam with a hall full of students.

4) 100,000 Poets for Change: 700 events – 550 Cities – 95 Countries.
Last night at The Boston Tea Party in Worcester with a small but enthusiastic crowd.

PS: What’s bad?

1) I now have no excuse not to drive to out of the way places. Except not adding to greenhouse emissions. And being a wuss.

2) I haven’t blogged for so long – and not even finished sharing my holiday snaps. So here’s one now:

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