St Mawes

St Mawes harbour

“What I did in my holidays” – just like being back at school.

We had a lovely week in Cornwall. Rather cloudy but also rather dry, so no complaints – and no sun burn, either.

This was the view from our little cottage. We were just above the harbour and less than five minutes’ walk from the bakery on the quayside (fresh-baked heaven), Co-op, PO and Victory Inn (Doombar, mmm).

The fishmonger was on holiday. In a fishing village… So we booked a fishing trip. The most expensive mackerel ever but great fun (and delicious).

We went kayaking. Saw a seal, egrets, herons, cormorants and the usual gulls and terns. (“Is that a common tern? or an artic tern? They look so similar.” “Dunno – let’s just call it a comic tern.”)

We walked along cliff paths and, twice, had beautiful coves completely to ourselves, despite the lanes and villages being full of grockles.

Took lots of photographs. Ate good food, read three novels and slept well. Except the last morning when daughter woke me at 6.30: “Look!” She pointed at the harbour.

I sat up and looked. It was foggy. “I can’t see anything.”


Sad to leave but also glad to be home, playing with the photos as an excuse not to do the housework I promised myself I would do on return.

Tackled the garden yesterday afternoon; planted a sprawling goji berry bush someone rescued and gave to me. (It looked dead when it arrived but I watered it and, a couple of weeks later, leaves miraculously appeared. So I thought it deserved to be planted out.)

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2 Responses to St Mawes

  1. Ron says:

    Beauty. It would have made my day just to know I was in a place called “St. Mawes” lol. Your daughter and Mr. Fox in the third shot I assume? Great pics, thanks for the journey::)

  2. Myfanwy Fox says:

    Ron, I have neglected you – apologies!
    Third picture: daughter yes, but the chap is the fisherman who was looking after us all. More pix to bore you with soon.

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