Guest Poem “Yellow Battering” by Pel Farrant

Delighted – and awed – to lean that a friend was inspired to write a poem in response to my previous blog words and photo. With his permission, here it is:

Yellow Battering
by Pel Farrant

The unknown poet,
soaked in yellow blood,
trudged a cornfield’s silent alley,
death-trampled by poetic giants,
archæologically-seeking originality.

There he met a wise elder-dog,
whose demeanour offered
far greater lessons
of words – and carols –
than codified encyclopædia
of all Kings and poets…

Tread untrod paths,
else trample afresh.
For via those lie
new meanings,
colourful wisdom
and vibrant language.

This giants’ causeway is sterile:
its basalt has shed humus,
so as not to soil worshipped feet.
But in dirt lies life;
in persistence lies progress;
in unpromising seams, lies gold:

Poetic nuggets,
glistening in purity,
rather than dripping
the brash blood-yellow
of fool’s gold.

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