Bad Language

Poets care about language. But that care takes many forms, is influenced by many things, just as poetry itself takes many forms and influences.

One section of British poetry is currently in turmoil as the National Poetry Society, publisher of Poetry Review, organiser of prestigious competitions and recipient of considerable (and, until lately, increasing) Arts Council funding, has been ripped apart by resignations, infighting and alleged lack of professional judgement by its trustees.

One side issue that’s come to the fore is resentment that some poets are published more often than others; is there a London bias? an in crowd? Inevitably there will be selection by any given editor. And some publications have higher standing than others. I’m not sure there are easy answers, except to be aware that there are other poets, other poetry, that deserves to be seen (and/or heard). If particular publications become too hidebound they’ll lose face. There’s been some shallow – Aren’t poets weird? – reporting in the press. But this article by Christina Patterson puts the row in to some kind of perspective.

Fields near Martley church

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4 Responses to Bad Language

  1. Ron says:

    Nice shot. Really weird sky though! You seem to have colors we don’t. Maybe that’s why you spell colors with an extra U. As for the poetry published, it’d only be speculation obviously, but I’m sure there are those favored and those not. Everything in life is political in one way or another. Sad but true.

  2. kapulco says:

    Great image Myfanwy. The colours are spectacular; the geometry equally so. Good to see your dog perfectly posing. Anyway, your story and image inspired me to a poem, which I won’t post here, as this is your blog but thank you.

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