Festivalicious Weekend

When our kids are little we’re required; someone has to be with them. Mine are just big enough that now gallivanting is an option. So on Saturday I went to Ledbury (Poetry) Festival and, yesterday, to a local music festival – “local bands for local people” (no, not remotely like that) – in Colwall village on their second cricket field, the Ghost Meadow.

The bands kicked off at noon. The sun shone and fat, white clouds floated across an improbably – for almost the Welsh boarders – blue sky. It was a glorious day. I sipped water, read poetry (I have rather a pile of new books from Ledbury, mmm) and chatted to friends who drifted to and fro, in and out of the loud zone by the pavilion. Naked Remedy had me pogoing (sedately … maybe not) and then Four Tart Harmony and Men In General rounded off the evening as the sun sank below the clouds in a crimson blaze, casting long shadows across the fairy rings at the long leg boundary.

Colwall Family Music Festival on the Ghost Meadow

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4 Responses to Festivalicious Weekend

  1. Ron says:

    Cool stuff. Especially being the Ghost Meadow!! Nice shot.

  2. Myfanwy Fox says:

    Thanks, Ron. It was a lovely day.

  3. Tony Joyce says:

    Ahh lucky you. I spent the weekend with my brood, but it wont be long… In any case the bank of Tony will no doubt be under continued pressure. Get a job kids, theres plenty down the Collwall clotted cream mine… and all the strawberrys you can eat! Perhaps I will feel less needed but maybe that will be my turn for galavanting. Then perhaps I can mix more with unwashed musicians and poets. Love to feel/absorb that creativity. Now since I am aspiriing to be one of those unwashed I need a bath in case I start writing things. Next weekend is a walking weekend followed by dinner and on the last day Welsh tea and cakes. off to book a hotel as my tent has sprung a leek (sic)

  4. Myfanwy Fox says:

    Cheers, Tony

    Leeky tents – ours flooded in Wales on son’s tent-h birthday, years ago.

    I’m hoping the 2012 festival will be as good as the one reviewd here; the weather was so lovely.

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