One ring to rule them all

I read the other day that, apparently, the Con-Dems do want us to all have a national identification scheme. But rather than some central, government maintained (lose the data on a train) ID card, they’re getting together with those efficient, trust-worthy folk who already know everything about us: credit card companies.

Aw, bless, they want the banks to have even more power. What could go wrong?

Here’s a Tory Minister explaining it all:

We ditched Labour’s hopeless ID card –
one promise we kept from election –
but now we are settled in power,
and upon much more thoughtful reflection:
it’s useful to know where you oiks are;
who you are; any slight imperfection;
so we know when to cut all of your benefits
for our reinvention of Natural Selection.
We’re doing this all on the cheap:
with Visa and our other banker-pay-pals.
You’ll only need one pin and password:
they’ll excavate deep in the depths of your bowels.
We’ll know the shit on your life style statistics
AND all of your finances, too;
no need for identity theft –
one click on delete and you’re through.
One stop online shopping for criminals.
One-way glass where the light’s for the few.
One never can be sure who is looking
…one can never be certain what’s True.

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