SPARKs, inspiration and sushi


A pleasure to work with James Kapulco again for this interesting art and writing inspiration project.

Canopy of Dreams by Kapulco

Here’s the above picture with my response poem. And here’s  an old poem of mine he resurected to illustrate to great stormy effect.

Matt Harvey was in Cheltenham yesterday, as part of the Cheltenham Underground’s Decent Days and Nights weekend. Terrific gig but a shame the room was half empty. A sign of the recession? Or were all literarily-inclined Cheltenhamites at the Hay Festival?

Bribed my teenage son to come with me by promising sushi as a treat – being born in California he was almost weaned on the stuff (it was – relatively! – cheap, healthy and FUN out there; he loved to watch the boats slipping past the counter and chose his next plate; each plate was around $3 for several pieces – those were the days). D Fly’s sushi was pretty good and teen son also thoroughly enjoyed the poetry so a win all round.

Re-reading this blog I confess I still haven’t subbed my novel. But I have been writing. The Whittaker comp is more than halfway through now. Delighted to find my Whittaker poetry is doing ok this year – so much depends on the judges’ tastes, as always. My Whittaker prose has been lacklustre and has sunk without a trace: the judges don’t like it much but neither do I. One of my Whittaker poems was the response to James’s tree picture for SPARK, above. Poetic recycling or abject laziness? Hmm …

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