Learning the links

First, here’s a link to a poem about a streaker Matt Harvey read on his Radio 4  Wondermentalist a couple of weeks ago (episode #2) that made me cry with laughter as I was listening on iPlayer as I chopped onions for a bolognaise. (The onions may also have influenced my tear ducts, admittedly). And episode #3 had a fantastic audience participation poem, on gerbils. Might see if I can find that on the Wondermentalist site, later.

I’m finding my way around this bloggy world, now. Expect a few weird changes as I play with themes and so on – and formatting, especially of poetry. Meanwhile, here’s one of those poems from Ink, Sweat and Tears mentioned in my last blog post. (I had tried to paste the poem, but the formatting was wrong and I didn’t have time to deal with it then.)

Old Etonian Recipe

In an insulated atmosphere, sift
blue blood, old gold, new media, testosterone:
time-honoured recipe for today.
Do NOT stir.
Allow to rise and rise and rise and rise –
groundlings may lick-up trickle-down Mess.

* “Eton Mess” = broken meringue, whipped cream and strawberries.

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4 Responses to Learning the links

  1. Matt Harvey says:

    Thank you for the link & kind words. I love ‘Old Etonian Recipe’.
    The ‘gerbils’ poem won’t be up on the Wondermentalist site, it’s largely fallen into disuse. But it was a damn fine gerbils poem!

  2. kapulco says:

    Hi Myfanwy. And a warm welcome to your new blog. (Actually you were here afore I by a few days). Matt Harvey is a great modern poet – I have met him and been tutored by him on a day course.

    Your poem, above, is a gem. It should be recited by all departing students and quoted in closing assemblies by all heads. I suspect we have different politics but, from the liberal-right (aren’t we always? ;) ) I think it splendid. I’ll leave (wo)manning the barracades to you whilst I re-read your splendid poletricry again … and again . Much enjoyed.

    (By the way, may I have that red flag, when you’ve finished with it, please? Using a stencil, I could cut it to make a splendid dragon. Bore da).

  3. Myfanwy Fox says:

    James, me duck! Long time no see. Thanks for the comment – reet chuffed you like it so.

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